Finding out Temperatures at Holiday Destinations

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LOOK AT PAST TRENDS – The best way to find out the temperature at holiday destinations for a particular day is to check the past highs and lows for that specific day.
The Farmers Almanac, a link given below, can help you to find out the highs and lows for destinations in the United States and Canada on particular dates from 1946 to current.

CHECK THE 10 DAY FORECAST – The websites named and Yahoo weather which show the ten day weather forecasts for cities and countries across all continents should be checked.

Studying the 10 day forecasts can help you to get a close to accurate forecast of the weather on your holiday.

CALL A HOTEL – Ask your hotel about the temperature at the moment and about the forecast for that week. They have accurate assessment about the current weather conditions and should provide you forecasts given by local news stations.