Having fun with your family in Paris

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Paris is a wonderful city, an historical powerhouse, a cultural haven. It attracts all kinds of tourists. There are a great many fun things to do on family vacations in this wonder city. The very first thing you need to do is to get as much information as you can on the city, next, set a date. The best time is spring and fall; winters are too cold while tourists pack the city in summers. Then you need to make the reservations.

You will profit a lot if you know a little French, this way the localities will be more helpful. The city is broken into 20 districts and the Seine River is a landmark worth visiting. You’ll find maps in each station and train. You need to rush while getting off and keep together. Eifel Tower is the main attraction, s you may already know. Don’t miss the museums; they are among the best in the world.

The best holiday hotels of Portland, Oregon

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Portland, Oregon often known as the “City of Roses” has become one of the top tourist destinations in Beaver State. Its main attractions include the variety of cultural and shopping activities it provides. There are many holiday and destination hotels in the area where accommodations themselves are a reason to attract the tourist.

The Benson Hotel, establishes in 1913, is a distinct 4-str hotel in downtown Portland. The main services include 24- hour room serviced, high-speed internet, full-service fitness center etc.

Listed in “500 Best Hotels in the World” by Travel Leisure magazine in 2009, the Heathman Hotel is truly a “Unique Boutique Hotel”. Luxurious accommodation is the hallmark here. It offers many getaway packages along with a on-site restaurant.

Billed as “Portland’s Hotel to the Arts”, the Mark Spencer Hotel offers several attractive getaway packages. It is located in Portland’s theater district and is decorated in European style. It is located one block from the world’s largest book store, the Powell’s Books. All the three are Pet-friendly hotels.

A cultural experience for you and your family at the Vatican

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The Vatican is the most attractive city in the world in terms of art, architecture, culture, heritage and history. The beauty of this place has not been marred by the years and it remains a cultural heritage for all the Christians of the world.

When you walk around this place with your family, you will come across the Vatican Gardens, historically charming in terms of the most exotic of flora, beauty and elaborate fountains.

It is said that St. Peter was buried here, and so it thrills the religious part of you to be treading on this holy ground. This place, ruled by the highest Chralign=”left” style=”padding-right:10px”istian authority in the world, the Pope has the famous St. Peter’s Basilica. This monument houses the most renowned works in art history – that of people like Michelangelo, Bramante, Bernini, and more. Another attraction is the Sistene Chapel – crowded with Renaissance artwork like those by Domenico, Boticelli and more, the main attraction is the ceiling painted by Michelangelo.

So have your passports ready for this fulfilling experience for you and your family at the holy city of Vatican.

Advantages and disadvantages of vacation rentals

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There are a lot of things you need to mull over before you decide to opt for a vacation rental when on a tour or a holiday. Vacation rentals may come for the same price as a hotel room and yet provide an ample amount of space however, you might want to consider some things.

If you are planning to stay on at a place for a very short period of time, you had rather not pay the initial cleaning deposit, and use the money later on in your trip. But if you have a large group of friends or family travelling with you, it is best to rent one rental and split the cost than spend a lot more on separate hotel rooms. Again, if you are the kind who likes the maid service in hotels and readymade meals at hotels, rentals aren’t the best option. If you take a rental you are to clean up behind you when you leave or pay extra for the cleaning, which is something you won’t have to go through in a hotel.

Again, rentals come with fully stocked kitchens whereby you save money by making your own meals. Also if you are travelling with children having space for them to roam about will make your trip more relaxed.

So make sure you go through all the pros and cons before you choose.

The Jim Corbett National Park, a must visit destination

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The Jim Corbett National park is the oldest and most famous natural reserve park of India. It had its birth with the aim of ‘Project Tiger’ which was based on the conservation of the Royal Bengal Tigers. The park is named after a British conservationist who emphasized on the conservation and protection of India’s wildlife. You would be surprised to know that the park was established in 1936 and is still running in a great condition.

If you want to go for a wildlife vacation somewhere nearby, then this place could be the answer for you. It is located amongst the Himalayan hills and its lush meadows where you actually have very high chances of sighting the beautiful tigers of India. Apart from that, the place also offers bird watching, rock climbing, elephant safaris, rappelling and fishing. The park is open throughout the year other than monsoon. So now you know where you must go for your next exciting short vacation.

Top 5 reasons to visit Pattaya

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Pattaya, southeast of Bangkok and located in the Gulf of Thailand is a city that is bustling with life and energy. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations and is not much expensive also like the other beaches in various parts of the world. Pattaya has everything to offer to its various ranges of tourists. From amusement parks to water sports activities, shopping and the list is just endless.

The beach is so popular amongst its lovers, that it becomes difficult often to find a place for you in the beach. The beach has hotels, malls and bars adjacent to it. Jomtien beach which is a beach in Pattaya only, is one place which offers summer houses for tourists and is not as crowded as the other parts of the beach. So when you are visiting Thailand, then Pattaya should be at the top of your “places to visit list”.

Wild life at its best, the African Wildlife Safari

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Africa is famous for its wildlife, and everyone knows that. So if you are planning for an adventurous vacation, then you know where to go for the time of your life. Some animals that you can sight are lion, rhinoceros, buffaloes, elephants and leopards. Most importantly you see them in their natural surroundings, doing their activities. It is like watching our very own national geographic, animal planet or discovery channels live.

It is an ideal place for adventure seekers, writers, exotic lovers, or photographers. Africa tourism provides different packages to suit everyone’s needs and satisfy the wild side of their nature. Africa also has many natural reserves centre. Each country offers something unique. A few famous African wildlife countries to name would be South Africa, Kenya, Namibia, Zambia, Tanzania and Botswana. Safari tourism doesn’t mean that you have to face the wildlife; with the right tourism companies you can enjoy the safari with all comforts also.

Florida, a land of beautiful beaches and adventure travels

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The state of Florida is synonymous with beautiful sandy beaches and an attached baggage of fun. It is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean. The beaches are also colorful with various kinds of textures that you could ever see. It is the place to be for all beach lovers. It caters to a lot of sports activities too like boating, sailing, surfing and parasailing. And kids can even do their fun activities like castle making, jumping waves and shelling.

Florida is an awesome place for a family vacation as it has everything that different age groups’ people of a family would like. It has a Disneyland for kids also. Florida could also be considered as a great honeymoon destination too. So you can see that Florida does actually provide a lot for you from beaches to adventure, you name it and it has it.

How to make most of a family adventure vacation

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Beach holidays or hill resorts are very typical for any vacation, to make life spicier and more fun, one should instead opt for adventure vacation. Adventure spots are rarely crowded and you get the experience of a lifetime to share with your peers. An adventure holiday could include anything from activities like rock climbing, Para sailing, river water rafting to wildlife watching. All you need to do is first know what kind of adventure your family would like to have and then accordingly talk to your travel experts so that they can customize your adventure vacation package according to your family.

Some places to visit would be the natural reserve parks or the hills and beaches where sports activities are facilitated really well. Nowadays the availability of such sports has widened its hemispheres to reach out to tourists. When you decide upon such a vacation, you surely would not fall short of option; instead you might get confused as to which one to select.

Enjoy the Alps at its best on a bicycle ride

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The Alps, one of the largest mountain ranges in Europe, is the house of forty-eight peaks and almost eighteen hundred glaciers. Its snow-clad ridges and beautiful valleys offer a stunning view which attracts many tourists from all over the world.

There are many ways by which you can tour the Alps. Among these a bicycle tour might be a great pick to enjoy its mesmerizing scenic beauty. The rough terrain feels like heaven when you pass through the flowering meadows and pristine lakes in the chilled mountain air. A bicycle tour is an independent effort that enables you to relish the beauty as long as you want to without any interruptions. In fact it might be the perfect way to have an adventurous holiday with your kids.
It is also eco-friendly. There are some travel agencies which offer guided bicycle tours and provide an expert guide, your accommodation and your bicycle. The bicycle tour through Alps also helps you to get a taste of local cuisine, which is mouth-watering.

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