The waterways in Ireland

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Ireland is the house of some of the best waterways in Europe. The Shannon River is the longest river of the island (240 ml long) with 3 big lakes along the course. These are Lough Allen, Lough Ree and Lough Derg. Another major river is the river Erne.

The huge waterway network here comprises of numerous lakes, canals and almost 500 miles of usable river. The well-known canals here are Ulster canal, Royal canal, Grand Canal and Newry Canal. These aquatic bodies provide ample opportunities for boating. Whether you prefer the zippy small speedboat, or the rocking rowboat, or the luxurious yacht, or the glamorous sailboat, boating here is a rewarding experience.

Besides, the Ireland waterways offer some exciting scuba diving opportunities. Kayaking, cabin cruising and canoeing are some other water activities carried here. And don’t worry if you are not prepared with your own equipment, there are ample renting agencies.

Skiing destination of New Zealand

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New Zealand is one perfect place where you can have that perfect vacation. This place has a lot to offer to its tourists. Every time you go there, you can assure that you are going to discover something new.

One of the facets of New Zealand is the place being a great skiing destination. The place has great places to offer for skiing, be it for an amateur or an experienced one. There is a huge variety of skiing resorts in New Zealand from where you can pick according to your choice and budgets.

The best skiing areas of the place are Mt Hutt, Porters and Treble Cone and Cardona near the Lake Wanaka. There are many commercial skiing areas and skiing fields too that form a joined club. You can even try skiing in New Zealand at the South Island. It is very easy and reasonably priced place for skiing, especially with your family and friends.

If you want to experience Wildlife, Africa is the place to be in

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Planning for a wildlife safari? Head to Africa, it offers a rich scenic beauty and thrilling adventures in its lush green vegetation and exotic wildlife. Firstly, you have the Tanzanian islands which host a huge wildlife sanctuary with 500 bird species and around 30 species of herbivores. It’s the ultimate safari region which also provides some of the best beach resorts in the continent.

Then you have the Kruger National Park of South Africa with excellent accommodations and infrastructure. And with a vast reserve of bird life and wild animals it offers one of the most stunning safari experiences. Whale watching is a popular activity here. Zambia and Zimbabwe offers a broad range of wildlife and offers helicopter flips, elephant rides and camping activities.

Hire a canoe in Botswana and enjoy the antelopes and elephants along the Okovango delta. The Chobe National Park here is famous for its unrivalled number of elephants. The Uganda safari is renowned for its unique collection of baboons, chimpanzees, lowland gorillas, warthogs and zebras.

Famous hotels of Mallorca

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Mallorca is Spain’s baleares island. You can access this island by sea or air. It is a short ferry ride away from Barcelona. However you can get here by using one of the hundreds of chartered flights from all over Europe. Mallorca is easily one of the most frequented holiday destinations because of its wonderful weather and the laid back attitude of its people. Tourists from all across the world flock Mallorca to take it easy for a while. They can take part in one of the Spain’s cherished tradition-siesta. The island has everything you will possibly need like sea, sun, lot of beer, exquisite food, lazy naps and wonderful people.

Some of the hotels situated on the island offer the best services and amenities you will find. The best of them are: Hotel Rural en Mallorca Son Palou, Hotel Oasis Punta Amer and Blau Porto Petro Beach Resort & Spa. You can make a reservation now via internet for a luxurious holiday.

Luxury villa for a holiday in Andros, Greece

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Andros is a beautiful island in Greece. It is also a popular holiday destination because of its beaches, temperate seaside weather and the magnificent mountainous land. The Andros Island is 10 miles wide and about 25 miles in length. The island consists of several small towns including the capital town of Chora. Another popular tourist attraction on Andros is the town of Basti. Here you can see some pretty sights such as Sarza spring near Apoiki. At this place you can see water coming out of one lion’s head. Here you can also find several olive tree farms, the famous archaeological site of Ipsili and the Monastery of Zoodochou.

After spending a day exploring the island, you can retreat to the luxurious villas on Andros Island. Some of the best villas located at Basti are Villa Pitsa & Villa George, Villa Anna Maria and Villa Galazio. All of them present breathtaking views of the island.