Why is Amsterdam the ultimate party destination?

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Travel Amsterdam, party destinationGoing out to Amsterdam can be a whole day experience. Amsterdam and party are almost synonymous. You need to just be there and you will definitely enjoy. There a number of places where you can visit to party. Few to name are, Basis- it is the best bar in Amsterdam. The Basis will provide you the perfect relaxed vive and the DJs will spin the apt chords. Roest is another beautiful place; in fact it is a one of a kind beach where you can relax sipping your cocktail. Trouw is the next hot destination it is minimal techno and kept open all night.

As beautiful and historic this city is by the day it is so notorious by night. In fact it is considered one of the top notorious places of this planet. Amsterdam is famous for prostitution, which has very less to do with a normal party. There are cannabis coffee shops where the patrons can buy and smoke weed. They can also sip their favorite drink at the same moment which adds to the relaxation and enjoyment. This is a good destination for stag and hen parties too. This is the place of happy hours and cheap drinks. Ultimately in one line simply put, Amsterdam definitely is the ultimate destination to party hard.

Fun things to do at Berlin

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Travel Berlin, travel tipsBerlin is a historic but a progressive and modern city. There is an immense emphasis on the culture, art, education and athletics. Just a few days are not enough to visit the city with your full heart and mind. This city has around about 150 museums which is a record breaking number. The nightlife of Berlin is legendary. If you are a party animal, then this city is definitely a party central.

If you are planning a visit to Berlin then you must know that the Germans have a passion for sauna. Berlin has a range of spa and sauna avenues that should be a part of your visit list. Thermin Berlin and The sultan hammam are very well known sauna and wellness. The Berlin wall and the eastern Berlin is also a quite a tourist attraction. Germans are very passionate about soccer and if you have a chance to see a home game it shall be quite a memorable experience altogether.

Tourist attractions in Rome

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Attractions in Rome, RomeThere are some really great attractions in Rome which one could visit during a holiday with friends, family or with your partner on your honeymoon. It is known for some romantic places which newly married couples love to visit. Thos who are fond of monuments and other historical structures would love to tour Rome as it has some of the most gorgeous and historical fountains, museums and constructions.

Rome is a very big city with lots of great restaurants, cafes and a nightlife which anyone would enjoy. The more centric areas of the city will have the streets filled with people and a lot of activities. You would love the atmosphere of this city during your visit. A person who likes to travel and see new places will never get bored in this wonderful city. The best way to move around Rome is to use the metro system; else you have the cab service which is quite costly.