The spectacular Fogo Island in Canada

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Fogo Island in CanadaFogo Island can be said to be the biggest of offshore islands of Labrador & Newfoundland, Canada. The island is situated at north eastern coast of the Newfoundland region and northwest of the Musgrave Harbour area. It’s around 25 kilometers in length & 14 km in width, sprawling over a whole region of 237.71

The island got its name “Fogo” from the Portuguese which means “fire”. The Canadian island is famous for its Brimstone Head Folk Festival which is hosted by Folk Alliance. The event pulls in great number of tourists from all across Newfoundland in first half of August every year. You will find many bands performing such as “Middle Tickle”, “The Affections”, “Shores of Newfoundland” etc. performing in the festival. Local performers too get a chance to perform as well.

Apart from this festival, Fogo Island hosts a number of other varied festivals too by other communities. A prominent example is Seaside Festival.