Fashion, music and culture comes together in Nairobi

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travel nairobiNairobi is the capital city of Kenya. The city has an influx of a large number of tourists due to its cosmopolitan and multicultural nature. You will find temples, churches, mosques and gurdwaras in this metropolitan. A vacation in this country is bound to give you a unique experience of a vacation. With a wide range of wildlife parks, Nairobi gives you an opportunity of a real wild life experience. No doubt that it is known as the Safari capital of the world.

Along with the culture and wildlife, the conurbation has an interesting music and fashion scene as well. While visiting the native markets of the city, you will notice the bright colors, floral and psychedelic prints in plenty. You will get to see exceptional music instruments only in this part of the world. Benga is a music form of Kenya which is a fusion mix of jazz and luo. Suokous music is another music form that will enchant you on your visit to the metro!