An Unforgettable Trip To Venice, Italy

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travel veniceVenice is the place when you should never give a miss when in Italy. Surely, you have heard a lot about this majestic city. The city, which resides on water…literally! While in Italy, you can take help from a tour guide company and book your tour for Venice for a day. You can also decide to spend a day and a night there and come back on the next day.

The tour to Venice itself is a lot of fun. The whole city is listed as a World Heritage Site and its lagoon is included too. That makes it a pretty awesome place to visit. You need to take, what they call a water taxi. It’s basically a steamboat ride, which will take you from the bus stop to the main city of Venice. You can get off at the docks and then explore at your own will.

Firstly, you must visit the well-known Piazza San Marco. It is the main public square in Venice and its always buzzing with energy and tourists, souvenir shops, musicians and not to forget, some eager, hungry birds. You will find several amazing food stalls and good restaurants here as well.

The main attraction of the Piazza San Marco is the Church Of Saint Mark. You can also see the west face of the Campanile from the Piazza. After spending some time at the Piazza, you can go book your gondola ride.

It might take some time for you to get your chance so in the meantime, go visit the world famous Murano Glass Factory. Get a live demonstration of how the glass is made. You can then take a tour and see the pieces for display and finally you can also shop for some Murano glass items for yourself.

The gondola ride after that would be unforgettable.

Once you’re done with that, you can dine and dance and enjoy the music and life of Venice at the amazing cafes and restaurants before checking in to your hotel for the night.