Take a tour of Florence

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tour of FlorenceWhile you are in Italy, you should definitely visit the city of Florence. It is a small but a very beautiful city. It has got awesome picturesque scenic beauty. Being situated in the valley region, the weather of Florence is somewhat congenial for moving around the city. Italy was the centre of renaissance in the world time period of the world history. The city of Florence was formed at that time and it is thus known as the Jewel of the Renaissance. Magnificent works of many artists that date back to the medieval period can be seen in Florence. While going to the main centre of the Florence city, you will go past the Galleria della Accademia where the famous statue of David built by Michelangelo is kept.

Going past the gallery you come straight to the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. It is the 3rd largest church in the world. It is famous for its intricate designs and sculpture work on its exterior walls. The church is so huge that it is nearly impossible to capture it in a single frame. The campanile and the Baptistery is just adjacent to the cathedral. Keeping the cathedral on your left if you proceed further, you come directly to the Piazza Della Signoria, the main city centre of Florence. You need time to roam around here. You can see the Palazzio Vecchio, Loggia Dei Lanzi, etc. There are various sculptures in the open air museum called Uffizi Gallery. There is even a replica of the statue of David in the courtyard of the museum.

You can even see the Fountain of Neptune in the piazza. The oldest and the most famous bridge in the world, Ponte Vecchio is also in Florence. There are many buildings including residential apartments, markets on the top of this bridge.