How To Organize A College Group Tour

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College Group TourAre you looking forward to a college tour of late? It could be that your teen queen is all about to foray into college and is eager to have a brush of college life with her buddies. Well that’s good as these college trips are really vital for choosing the most compatible institution and a group travel always assures a bunch of wonderful memories. But organizing a college group tour is a detailed task and you have to keep in mind several factors to ensure a successful trip.

Talk to experts

It would be good if you proceed with a thorough consultation with the college group tour experts. Thus, talk to the travel agents who are armed with huge experience in organizing college group tours. Visiting colleges in multiple cities and that too in a group can be really frustrating. The tour agents can advise on the right strategies to ensure a smooth and planned journey.

Then, you should also have a talk with the visitor center of the targeted colleges. The visitor center officials can help out the visiting parents and teens with insights on lodging, flights, transport from airport as well as driving directions for people traveling from anywhere across the world.

Talk to experienced parents

Do not forget to consult the experienced parents who have been on a college tour earlier, especially in a group. Since they were in the same position as that of yours, you are expected to receive handy suggestions.

Make a list beforehand

You have to make a list of colleges you would be visiting. Check out their rankings and reputation before you zero in on them. Make sure that the colleges chosen for the tour covers the interest of everyone in the group. It’s good if you can chart out all the colleges from nearby areas so that it’s never hectic to tour around across so many campuses.

Be careful about the time

It’s the common trend to visit colleges during summer but the smarter way is to hit the campus when it’s populated & operational. This will enable you to have a chat with the students and know about their actual experience in the college. It’s good if you organize the college group tour in late August or early September- most of the college students would be back to the institution by then.

Budget time

You don’t have eternity to tour across the campuses and hence you must be very clinical about the time to be spent for each college. As you would be touring in a group you would be visiting several colleges and so you have to be really specific when it comes to time. But then again too many colleges in one day would be overwhelming. Hence it’s suggested that you limit the visits to 2-3 colleges in one day.

Plan the stay beforehand

Make sure to organize accommodation beforehand so that no time is lost while arranging the stay after reaching the new place. The lodging you choose should be conveniently located to the colleges you have targeted in a single region.