Looking for one day tours – Here’s the top 5 places to go in USA

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travel USAAre your parents against a day and night trip? Do you want to see the world, but you have only one day off? Do you want to see a lot of places in just a small span of time? Have no fear, when one day trip is here. Get rid of these family or budget problems with a day trip.

Now, are you wondering where to go to in U.S.A? Here is the answer –

1. New York City

Visiting USA and not visiting NYC, how is that possible? You can see a lot of cool stuff in NYC in just one day. Starting from the U.N building, empire state building, 5th avenue, central park, china town, madam tussaud NYU outlet, Rockefeller centre, time square, and the Broadway to the cruise around the statue of liberty. Now, special packages are available for such tours. All you have to do book one of these cheap packages and you are set.

2. Disney Orlando Theme Park

Isn’t the name enough? Even though Shakespeare stated differently, this place is a place like heaven. It is filled with smiles everywhere. And it is not just for kids. Even an adult can enjoy to the fullest here and experience that adrenaline rush. Now, you can also get the experience of one of the most famous movie characters starting from despicable me to harry potter, from Alice in wonderland to Mickey Mouse and Jurassic Park. Just book the tickets online and get going.

3. Grand Canyon

The grand canyon as the name suggest is 18 miles wide and 277 miles deep. It lies on the river Colorado. You can easily explore this place in one day. The south rim is famous for casual sightseeing. You can explore the Grand Canyon on foot by hiking, or with a mule back ride. You can also explore the whole place in a helicopter. For a closer look, use the boats. Rafting in this area can be fun. Also, the view from the very top is mind boggling.

4. Yellowstone national park

Situated in Wyoming, it is the world’s first national park. Not only this, it has the world’s largest number of geysers. The name has come from the Yellowstone plants found here. It is a home for a number of animals as well from grizzly bears to grey wolves to threatened lynx. It has the world’s largest bison herd as well. So, what are you waiting for explore the nature in this park.

5. Miami beach

Do you love getting tan in the sun? Or, playing in water? Or, surfing? Or, making sand castles with the tiny toddlers? All these things are possible here. The Miami beaches are famous not just for their beauty and water sports, but also for the celebrities found here sun bathing. Not just this you can enjoy the water sports and cool drinks as well. Now, release that tension in the water.

So, how was it? Travelling the world by just scrolling down your PC screen? Fun, wasn’t it. Just imagine, if reading about it was so much fun then how much fun even a one day trip will be? Instead of shopping and lying around, when you can do so many cool stuff. So, on your marks, get set, go!!!