Travel to Fiji

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fiji beachFiji the word itself describes its arena and its beauty. Fiji is located 360 nautical miles from Suva. Fiji is not a small island but it is huge. It consists of 332 islands in it which treats Fiji as the best place to visit by the tourists around the world. Firstly Fiji was not popular because of its economy but now it has establishes its grounds and have been popular all around the world. Tourists visit Fiji for its beautiful beach, shimmery water of the beach, green lushed nature which attract lots of tourists every year to visit Fiji. It is also famous for its fish and mineral resource across the world. As we talk about the weather and climate of Fiji, it have the tropical marine climate because warm weather the whole year.

You can visit anytime in Fiji but the best months to visit Fiji and enjoy its scenery are November, October, April and May. It has very moderate atmosphere which is being the best essence for the visitors visiting Fiji. The experience of large scuba diving region is observed in Fiji. The international tourism has given a rise to the beach Fiji. The white sandy beach and the touch of glittery water in it is the best thing to notice and enjoy in Fiji. No doubt, Fiji is best for its natural resource but there are basic amenities and also the luxurious facilities which is provided by Fiji. There are luxurious hotels, resorts where the tourists can enhance their vacation time with their family and closed ones.

There are many place and things to do in Fiji which enchat the visitors visiting it. Visitors can take the privilege of visiting Kula Eco Park in Sigatoka, Sabito Hot springs and Mud Pool in Nadi, tourists can also enjoy the day trips by travelling in Castaway island day trips, Vuda Point Marina Fiji. The days and night in Fiji passes the way people want to enjoy but the sunset is the best time to get relaxed and enjoy their moment. The Sunset beach is the brilliant place to enjoy the sunset in Fiji. It is situated in Mana island in Fiji.

Fiji is no doubt a beautiful beach which is well known for its beauty and natural elements but its culture of food and tastes are also unique which provides a wide range of tastes to the visitors visiting Fiji. Fiji is very popular for its seafood which is largely accepted by the tourists. The fragrance of fresh fish and its spices increase the intensity of the visitors to taste the food. Famous recipes like ginger and coriander marinated fish, Kokoda, etc. you can still breeze the essence of the traditional tastes of the Fiji’s history.

There are many famous and luxurious resorts which give rise to the beauty of Fiji and its culture. Visitors love being spending their time in Fiji. Some of the famous resorts of Fiji are Wananavu Beach resort, Tokoriji Island resort, Likuliku Lagoon resort, etc are best for its accommodation and luxuries too. Fiji is considered as the romantic place in the world for the newly wedds. It is recognized as the peace in heaven as on the earth when the word of Fiji comes into observation.