travel to Phuket, Phuket toursFamous for its natural beauty, Phuket, attracts the tourist from all over the world for its beaches, adventurous sports, waterfalls etc, even tsunami attack of 2004 cannot decrease its tourist.

As it is an island so the scope of adrenaline adventurous sport is maximum and the equipments present there is also most updated. Due to this feature of Phuket it becomes the top tourist destination in Asia.

The presence of almost endanger animal Gibbon is present there in Gibbon Rehabitation Center.

Andaman waters around Phuket creates the base for water sports, snorkeling and diving and viewing the underwater is a lifetime adventure for most of the common people like us, so you can’t afford to miss this in Phuket.

Waterfall, Buddhist temples and the food over there is another factor which attracts the tourist to Phuket.

Promthep Cape famous for its spectacular scenery and its sunset is worth visiting. The peculiar shrine there is a lavish viewing.


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