Top Romantic Destinations To Travel

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Whether you are new to love or you are old and charming couple, every single love birds wants to have the most romantic vacationing spot to explore their love. If you are new to love then you will want some beautiful memories to be created which you can cherish in your old age and if you have already spent some span of life together then you will want to recreate your love in a lovely romantic destination. Romantic destination helps you to fall in love if you are not and it will help you to fall in love again if you are already in love. Along with falling in love with your partner, you will also fall in love with the romantic destinations as they are that beautiful and charming. Thus here are some of the romantic destinations where you can cherish your love with your partner and get lost in the land of love.

  • Seychelles

SeychellesSeychelles is a country with 115 islands with an archipelago in Indian Ocean. As it is a country with islands and islands is always a great choice for exploring love. Who will not like to go to a romantic destination housing 115 beaches where you can enjoy the morning coffee on the beach and also enjoy watching the sun setting by holding the hand of your partner and walking on the side of beach with flawless water touching your feet and radiant rays of sun touching your heart? It’s such a beautiful experience to explore Seychelles one of the most romantic destinations across the globe. Some of the activities to be done in Seychelles are spas, fishing trips, enjoying tropical drinks and also golf courses. Have your honeymoon here and you will never want to leave.

  • Taj Mahal

Taj mahalTaj Mahal is considered as the symbol of love. Taj mahal is located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is white marble mausoleum which immensely beautiful and depicts the love story of two love birds. The beauty of Taj Mahal speaks for itself. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and it is one of the greatest monuments ever constructed. The construction and colors of this epic and wonderful place is truly enormous. It was made by a Mughal emperor Shah jahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz.  It is very widely recognized as the jewel of Muslim Art in whole India and is one of the universally admired masterpieces across the globe. Who will not like to see the symbol of love with their own love?

  • Belize

BelizeBelize is one of the famous resort and a great holiday destination for couples. It is located on the north eastern coast of the Central America. This island is considered as a romantic destination as it avails the couple a chance to have a get away from every on a private beach and explore the romance in the water. You can have a fish and get totally drenched with the company of each other in the romantic destination Belize.

Top Places to Visit in ST. Petersburg

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Situated in Russia, St Petersburg is such a beautiful city that plenty of tourists are attracted towards this city and come at this magical destination. It has in its lap a bucket full of exciting and interesting places and highly enjoyable activities. But in this plenty of places we give a list of selected places to a visit in st. Petersburg.

1) The State Hermitage

State HermitageThe state hermitage is a beautiful museum which was founded by the great Catherine in 1764 when she brought about 255 paintings from Berlin. It consists in itself nearby 3 million pieces of art and sculptures in different buildings. The construction of 18th and 19th century which are very remarkable are palace square consisting of 365 rooms in winter palace, the small hermitage, the new hermitage, and the old hermitage. You could take a look to all of the Spanish, Italian and Dutch master pieces. Some of the extraordinary pieces are imperial state rooms and apartments, the Raphael Loggias and the war gallery of 1812. It is a collection of portraits of the Russian military leaders who defeated Napolean.

2) Peterhof

peterhofIt is one of the most popular day trips from the city which is situated just at 29 kms west of St. Petersburg. The grand palace is one such place which is extremely splendid and lavish. The real thing to watch in peterhof is the Grand Cascade which is a series of more than 140 fountains. Yes you heard it right a series of 140 fountains. Along with the fountains there are canals cascading down a hill behind the grand palace. Your full day is utilized in peterhof while visiting acres of forests, gazebos, fountains and some of the smaller palaces.

3)Peter and Paul Fortress

Peter and Paul FortressPeter and Paul fortress was founded in 1703 by the great Peter on an island near Neva River. It is the oldest structure in St. Petersburg. In this fortress you can visit Trubetskoy Bastion prison which is since 1917 an uncomfortable home for political prisoners. You can also visit Maxim Gorky, Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Leon Trotsky. Peter the great and the bell tower are the highest structure in St. Petersburg and it is the Peter and Paul cathedral is the most widely used place for burying most of the tsars of Russia. This place provides heart throbbing views of 360 degree around the city. You can also take a visit along the top of the fortress walls for splendid views across the Neva River.

4) St. Isaacs Cathedral

St. Isaacs CathedralSt. Isaacs cathedral is one of the tallest orthodox churches in the world. The sweeping views of the city can be enjoyed by climbing the colonnade. This church possesses a very highly rich interior and its structure. There is a massive bronze doors that forms the entrance.  Your eyes will stuck and jaws will drop by seeing the colorful frescoes, the iconostasis flanked by malachiteand lazulite columns and the plenty of gold which can be seen in gold statues, gold letterings and gold trim













Much loved destinations for shoppers

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shopping at dubaiDo you have a penchant for shopping and love to explore new shopping destinations? Well, the post below presents a brief on the much love shopping destinations from all over the world.

When it comes to fashion and style, nothing can beat Paris. The French capital is said to be the shopper’s paradise with its several upscale boutiques enriched with world famous designer attires, perfumes, shoes and what not. Next to it comes Milan, another wonderful place for style shopping.

Dubai is another shopper’s delight with its lavish shopping malls extending trendy designer collections as well as unique hand-made artifacts like the sheeshas and many other collectibles from Middle East. London offers ample scope for a fun shopping whether you are interested in vintage clothing or trendy boutiques. Then you have Tokyo not only for its versatile fashion collections but for an extensive range of state of the art electronic goodies as well.

An evening in Paris

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evening in ParisParis, the capital of France is a very beautiful place. It is also called the city of romance and love. So if you are planning to go on a holiday tour, then Paris is a very wise option for you. Once you are in Paris, there are many things for you to do and see. It is necessary that you do a well research about the city to know some of the most famous places of tourist interest in Paris.

You must have heard the name of the famous Louvre museum. This museum is located in Paris and it is a must visit for you. You will enter the museum through the famous pyramidal structure made of glass. The Louvre museum houses the famous painting ‘Monalisa’ by the painter Leonardo da Vinci. You can also see other beautiful paintings by some of the great painters around the world. You should have enough time in hand to visit the whole Louvre museum.

The next thing you must do is to visit the famous Eiffel Tower. You can have an awesome view of the Paris city from the third and highest level of the Eiffel Tower. Enjoying a glass of sparkling wine atop the Eiffel Tower will be a lifetime experience for you. You can also enjoy the La Lido show which unveils the beauty of the city in the night when it is decorated with lights creating a heavenly scene.


Places you must watch while in London

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travel LondonLondon is indeed a very beautiful city from all the aspects of a tourist’s point of view. Situated on the bank of the river Thames, it has got picturesque scenic beauty and a very congenial weather. Once you are in London, you should start the sight-seeing in a planned way, because there are many places to see and without proper planning you will definitely miss out something.

The wax museum of Madam Tussaud’s is the most famous in London. You will get to see the wax models of many eminent personalities here. It is a complete mind blowing experience here in this museum. Once the museum is completed, next you can turn to see the Piccadilly Square, Regent Street, Hyde Park, Oxford Street, The Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, The tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, etc.

Don’t forget to take a ride on the London Eye to get an aerial view or the bird’s eye view of the city. You can also enjoy a ferry ride on the river Thames. There are many others small but exciting places of tourists interests here. It is better you do a proper research on London before your visit.

Pattaya: A perfect spot for your Stag party

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Travel Pattaya, travel tipsWith your best buddy getting married next month and you have been given the responsibility of hosting the stag party? Well, stag party is all about outrageous fun and if you want to go all out you can shift the party scene in Pattaya. Pattaya is a place where the fun never stops and you can be rest assured that you friend will live out all these wide fantasies while partying in Pattaya if he wants to.

The number of discotheques in Pattaya is countless and you can book one of them to host the party. Choose the party place keeping in mind what the groom is looking for. Since Pattaya gives people the chance to be adventurous, you can arrange for them as well. No stab party is complete without games and you can plan some games like blackjack or poker for the party. You can also bring in some exotic dancers to liven up the night.

Sail Through The Canal City: Venice

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Canal City VeniceWhile planning for a rejuvenating holiday experience away from the hustle and bustle of the regular city life, one looks for areas or places that offer peace of mind and mesmerize them with the local beauty and history. One of such places that immediately come to mind is the Italian city of Venice. It has not failed to amaze and entertain generations of holidaymakers and even today have that same charm as it had years before.

Known as the city of canals, Venice can be that perfect holiday destination that one has been planning for a long period of time. The city never fails to amaze the visitor with its mind boggling number of canals and boat rides in these canals is one of the most sought after tourist activities in the city. Dotting the canal sides are a series of flea markets where one can find interesting souvenirs to take back home along with the memories.

Top five student travel destinations in the US

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Student travel destinations, destinationsThe first among the top five student destinations in the United States would be the Grand Canyon. This the best place a bunch of young friends can have a good outdoor time. The rocky landscape will provide a great place for the students to go with some extreme outdoor sport like dirt biking or rock climbing. If you want to enjoy the beach in the summer time, you should pack your bags for the beaches of Miami, as it is one of the coolest places meant for young travellers.

Another great place to be is Las Vegas with numerous casinos and a fabulous nightlife. This city never sleeps and there are hardly any restrictions regarding having fun in Las Vegas. If you want to explore the most urban part of the United States, you should visit New York with your friends. The amazing city with its busy lifestyle will surely attract you. The number of Broadway theaters, museums and shopping malls are a great way to spend some time with friends. Not many would opt for Texas but that is not a very bad place for a group of friends to spend a few days if not for a family.

Las Vegas – Much more than just gambling

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To say the least – there’s nothing to say about Las Vegas which has not been said yet! That’s the impact the city has got on the travelogues worldwide. It is one of the biggest and stupendous tourist destinations of all times. Humongous 7 star hotels and casinos are the best attractions in the city, but that is not all if you’re not a gambling associate. There are umpteen hang-out places in the city for people who like serenity and art.

The Bellagio fountains are one of those tranquil spots which bring awe to the onlooker. The 8.5 acre lake abruptly bursts into hot vertical water streams intermittently. The Restaurant Guy Savoy at the Caesars can be given a visit for the most innovative but ridiculous Parisian designer meal in America. The Shark Reef Aquarium is another place you cannot afford to miss out. This place is flooded with aquatic animals round the clock.

Pattaya: always full of life and energy

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Are you tired of your daily life and need a break from everything? Then go on a vacation to Pattaya, near Eastern Thailand. Pattaya is a famous destination for tourists situated on the Gulf Coast. The exotic landscapes, wonderful climate and very little population, make Pattaya a popular spot for family holidays and vacations.

There are many beautiful resorts and hotels in Pattaya where you can relax and enjoy the scenic beauty of nature. You can enjoy a perfect blend of sun, sand and sea at the Pattaya Klang beach. The cabaret shows, shopping zones and other entertainment zones are not far away from the beach.

The golden sands, crystal blue water and coconut palms make Pattaya a romantic place to spend time and relax. The beauty of the island, the exquisite beaches will drive you away from the chaos of daily life into a new world of calm and serenity.

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