Mexico is located in the tropical region, in the southern part of North American continent. The weather is consistent throughout the year usually. It’s usually warm and humid during the month of September as it is the time for the rainy season. You need to consider the places you’ll visit and the activities you have planned while planning the clothing.
Bring walking shoes you already have worn, they’ll be suitable if you plan and expedition to the cultural and historic sites. A pair of sandals will do for the beach and resort pools.

Cotton and linen fabrics are the most suited for walking in the Mexican towns. Lightweight trousers, Jeans are good. Long skirts are normally fine for all women. Remember to take an umbrella and a rainproof jacket that can be stored easily wherever you go. A poncho is a good choice. The showers here are usually sudden and short, so you need to carry the umbrella always. Mexican traditions and cultures can lead to frowns if you wear too scant dresses. Women shall avoid showing much skin when visiting anywhere except the beaches or tourist resorts.


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