Fashion, music and culture comes together in Nairobi

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travel nairobiNairobi is the capital city of Kenya. The city has an influx of a large number of tourists due to its cosmopolitan and multicultural nature. You will find temples, churches, mosques and gurdwaras in this metropolitan. A vacation in this country is bound to give you a unique experience of a vacation. With a wide range of wildlife parks, Nairobi gives you an opportunity of a real wild life experience. No doubt that it is known as the Safari capital of the world.

Along with the culture and wildlife, the conurbation has an interesting music and fashion scene as well. While visiting the native markets of the city, you will notice the bright colors, floral and psychedelic prints in plenty. You will get to see exceptional music instruments only in this part of the world. Benga is a music form of Kenya which is a fusion mix of jazz and luo. Suokous music is another music form that will enchant you on your visit to the metro!

The spectacular Fogo Island in Canada

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Fogo Island in CanadaFogo Island can be said to be the biggest of offshore islands of Labrador & Newfoundland, Canada. The island is situated at north eastern coast of the Newfoundland region and northwest of the Musgrave Harbour area. It’s around 25 kilometers in length & 14 km in width, sprawling over a whole region of 237.71

The island got its name “Fogo” from the Portuguese which means “fire”. The Canadian island is famous for its Brimstone Head Folk Festival which is hosted by Folk Alliance. The event pulls in great number of tourists from all across Newfoundland in first half of August every year. You will find many bands performing such as “Middle Tickle”, “The Affections”, “Shores of Newfoundland” etc. performing in the festival. Local performers too get a chance to perform as well.

Apart from this festival, Fogo Island hosts a number of other varied festivals too by other communities. A prominent example is Seaside Festival.

What to do on your Roman Holiday?

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Travel Rome, EuropeRome is a wonderful place to visit. It is the capital of Italy and is the centre of Catholicism. It has to offer great scenic beauties and manmade wonders of an ancient time along with present day features met by luxurious hotels.

A quick visit to the landmarks of Rome is one way to do it. There are plenty to choose from and cannot be covered in one day. One could check out Vatican City, St Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican City Museum. They can also find St Sabina’s Basilica on the eastern banks of the river and Testaccio where they can find the tomb of famous poets like Shelly and Keats. Historic landmarks like the Pantheon, the Spanish steps and The Piazza Venezia will also prove to be wondrous to experience. There are also nice eateries and pretty restaurants all around the city which serve great Italian cuisines catered especially for visitors to their fantastic city.

The White House beyond the Sands of Time – An Unexpected Trip to Remember

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Washington DC , travel AmericaCollege trips to DC, all the important buildings and high class and highly protected buildings in Washington DC tell a lot about how important this place is. People who take a trip to Washington DC would definitely not give out the chance of getting to see the White House. It’s tough to get a trip approved for the White House especially if you’re a foreigner. But if you do, then you’ll have a splendid time.

This old and historic building has been a place for presidents over several years. Its splendid structure and the power it encompasses all around the place are astounding. For the ones who like to know about a dark history would be happy to know that apparently the spirit of First Lady Abigail Adams and Abe have been noticed and felt around this place. Now doesn’t that make things a bit more interesting for your DC trip?

Learn the basics of air travel

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 air travel tips, travel tipsWill you soon be embarking on your first solo air travel? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative, then you will have to know about the basics of air travel. Here are a few things about air travel requirements that you need to know about.

You will have to carry your a government issued identification card whenever you travel by air. If you want to get through the checkpoints without any hassle, you will need to have an ID with your name, date of birth, gender and date of expiration mentioned clearly on it. You identification card needs to have a tamper proof seal. You may be prohibited from boarding the plane if you do not have a proper ID card on you. As far as your luggage is concerned, each and every luggage of yours’ will go through electronic and hand searches. You are allowed to carry liquids like shampoo, mouthwash and drinks only in 3.4-ounce containers. You need to know about prohibited items before you travel.

Backpacking spots in Florida

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Travel Florida, travel tipsWith freezing and warm atmosphere in Florida around the year, you will get the best backpacking experience and enjoy it at the rugged and fertile land. You should select the preferred location and most ideal time to do backpacking is in the morning during the extreme chill and warm weather. There are numerous backpacking spots in Florida as it is amongst the most preferred destinations for adventurous activities around the world and it is also ideal for other adventurous activities including hiking, mountaineering and ballooning. Make sure you are carrying appropriate backpacking equipment and backpacking dresses with yourself since these two are key components before going for backpacking.

Backpacking lovers fly every year to Florida when it is most frozen and when it is most cold and moreover it is amongst the highest rated adventurous sport in Florida. It requires great amount of strength and stamina level since one need to have great body balance when they are going for backpacking.

Sites worth visiting in Kiev

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Places in Kiev, travel tipsKiev is a very nice place and there are a lot of places to go and a lot of things to see in this part of the world. One of the best places to visit when you are in Kiev is the Chornobyl Museum. This is a very fascinating place. You will not get any English signage in this museum. However, you will get audio guides in English.

This is one of the most popular tourist areas of Kiev. Another nice place to visit is the Khreshchatyk Street. This is a very popular place and it is always bubbling with tourists. The place is filled with entertainers of different kinds who will make your time worthwhile for sure. Then, you should visit the Kiev Pechersk Lava which is cave monastery. It is a very old monastery in Ukraine and the place gives quite an unusual vibe to the visitors.

Witnessing art in Amsterdam

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Travel Amsterdam, travel tipsAmsterdam is one of the most popularly visited tourist spots in the world. People from all over the globe consider visiting this place in their next or upcoming holiday and some get so addicted to the beauty of the place that they visit again and again. One thing that works best for Amsterdam is that it is the place for art lovers. If you have an eye for art and nothing amuses you more then an art object then this is the place to visit.

Witnessing art in Amsterdam is one of the most fabulous experiences while you visit and you are sure to take back the memories with you and cherish them for a long time. Art in it varied forms and states is one of the major attractions of the place and is also a great place to come with your family if they mirror your love and taste of art.

Pattaya: A perfect spot for your Stag party

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Travel Pattaya, travel tipsWith your best buddy getting married next month and you have been given the responsibility of hosting the stag party? Well, stag party is all about outrageous fun and if you want to go all out you can shift the party scene in Pattaya. Pattaya is a place where the fun never stops and you can be rest assured that you friend will live out all these wide fantasies while partying in Pattaya if he wants to.

The number of discotheques in Pattaya is countless and you can book one of them to host the party. Choose the party place keeping in mind what the groom is looking for. Since Pattaya gives people the chance to be adventurous, you can arrange for them as well. No stab party is complete without games and you can plan some games like blackjack or poker for the party. You can also bring in some exotic dancers to liven up the night.

Top 5 Asian wedding destination

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Wedding destination, travel AsiaAsia is a wonderful place and there are a lot of exotic locations in this part of the world where you can get married. One of the best destinations in this area is India. The culture of this place is very exotic. A lot of celebrities come to India just to get married. One of the best places in India where you can arrange your wedding is Jaisalmer. Another great Asian wedding destination is Philippines.

There are some marvelous islands in this part of the world. Some of the most popular wedding destinations in this place are Boracov, Samal and Palawan. Another great destination in Asia for a lovely wedding is the country of China. The culture and the tradition of this place is very intri9guing. There a number of beautiful monasteries where you can get married. Next in the list comes Thailand. If you want a wedding by the sea, Thailand is the place for you. Vietnam can also prove to be an excellent location for your wedding.

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