Chamonix Mont-Blanc is a challenging skiing destination and one of the finest in France. It is meant for the experienced, advanced and experts. It’s an excellent winter getaway for such skiers. The ski areas are located about 10 miles out of the town. The bus service is infrequent, rarely punctual and crowded. Its better if you have a car to reach there. Also, better reserve the accommodation well in advance.

Remember that the ski lines can be very long, especially for the popular Grand Monett run. You’ll need to plan to get around the ski areas using the car or the bus service, because only two of them are interconnected by lifts.
You ought to take any warnings posted there seriously. Snow can collect inside the crevasses hiding them from view, these can be really dangerous. And these are often a part of the landscape for expert-level runs. Apart from the challenging ski runs and the beauty of the snow, the alpine scenery is spectacularly enjoyable.


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