Student travel destinations, destinationsThe first among the top five student destinations in the United States would be the Grand Canyon. This the best place a bunch of young friends can have a good outdoor time. The rocky landscape will provide a great place for the students to go with some extreme outdoor sport like dirt biking or rock climbing. If you want to enjoy the beach in the summer time, you should pack your bags for the beaches of Miami, as it is one of the coolest places meant for young travellers.

Another great place to be is Las Vegas with numerous casinos and a fabulous nightlife. This city never sleeps and there are hardly any restrictions regarding having fun in Las Vegas. If you want to explore the most urban part of the United States, you should visit New York with your friends. The amazing city with its busy lifestyle will surely attract you. The number of Broadway theaters, museums and shopping malls are a great way to spend some time with friends. Not many would opt for Texas but that is not a very bad place for a group of friends to spend a few days if not for a family.


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