Travel Rome, EuropeRome is a wonderful place to visit. It is the capital of Italy and is the centre of Catholicism. It has to offer great scenic beauties and manmade wonders of an ancient time along with present day features met by luxurious hotels.

A quick visit to the landmarks of Rome is one way to do it. There are plenty to choose from and cannot be covered in one day. One could check out Vatican City, St Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican City Museum. They can also find St Sabina’s Basilica on the eastern banks of the river and Testaccio where they can find the tomb of famous poets like Shelly and Keats. Historic landmarks like the Pantheon, the Spanish steps and The Piazza Venezia will also prove to be wondrous to experience. There are also nice eateries and pretty restaurants all around the city which serve great Italian cuisines catered especially for visitors to their fantastic city.


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